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Travelogue - Helsinki, Stockholm and Mariehamn
So began our tour from Turku to Helsinki, Stockholm, to Mariehamn and back to Turku again. First I had to get up early before 7 so I could catch the bus to the city centre, and then waited for the Onnibus to Helsinki. Once I got on there, it was an hour and a half of riding until I got to Helsinki. From then on, me and my friend tried to cram all we could before we had to get on the ferry to Stockholm, which wouldn’t be for another 6 hours. As you can imagine, condensing the experience of such a big city into such little time is a herculean task, but we managed to make a fairly decent day out of it.

We visited some of the shopping centres there as well as a few of the cathedrals, which has some of the most gorgeous architecture I’ve ever seen in a building. We also visited the free museum, which is worth going to at least once even though it’s short. One highlight was the Clubbing exhibition, although time will tell i
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Kastelholm Castle by StarlightCrux Kastelholm Castle :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 2 0 Strandvagen by StarlightCrux Strandvagen :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 1 0 Uspenski Cathedral by StarlightCrux Uspenski Cathedral :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 1 0 She is Grace by StarlightCrux She is Grace :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 19 7 Thanks, Miitomo. by StarlightCrux Thanks, Miitomo. :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 20 5
The Curious and the Shiny Chapter 8

The Curious and the Shiny Chapter 8: Ambrette’s Subjects

With food in their bellies and a half day of work behind them, Shine headed back to Tony’s apartment with Curio. Although Shine wasn’t entirely sure how to retrace his steps back home from when Bauble dropped him off two days back, his golden vision helped guide him to where there were people. Once he got back to the city, the walk home was easy, and it gave him a sense of peace to see the fading light of the sky.
Shine led the way through the apartment complex, which was made up of several different floors, although Tony’s was only on the second. When they reached the floor, it led to a balcony area that led to the entrances of each apartment. They stopped after reaching Tony’s, the door with the flap at the bottom. A feeling of dread suddenly hit Shine. It was the first time he had ever gone out like this on such short notice, and didn’t know h
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The Curious and the Shiny Chapter 7

The Curious and the Shiny Chapter 7 – Ambrette’s Teachers
When they arrived at the ranch, the two had to rest. Although Shine didn’t vomit like last time as he got used to the sensation of flying at such a high speed, the nausea still caught up with him and wouldn’t let go any time soon. Oddly enough, to him at least, Curio didn’t seem as affected by it, only resting to catch her breath as one normally would after being exposed to the elements. She recovered once she adjusted to ground level again, and stood over Shine, blocking his view of the sky.
“Come on, you big furball. Do I have to drag you up to your feet?”
“You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to wait, this is my business.”
“I know, but I can help out too, ya know. Just don’t keep me waiting.”
Shine staggered to his paws, still dizzy from the ride. He shook his head, trying to get a grip on t
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Reddit Gets Drawn 32 - BewilderedFingers by StarlightCrux Reddit Gets Drawn 32 - BewilderedFingers :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 16 1 Reddit Gets Drawn 31 - punksgottapunk by StarlightCrux Reddit Gets Drawn 31 - punksgottapunk :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 23 1 Reddit Gets Drawn 30 - ittybittykangaroo by StarlightCrux Reddit Gets Drawn 30 - ittybittykangaroo :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 21 2 Together (Curio and Shine) by StarlightCrux Together (Curio and Shine) :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 51 8
The Curious and the Shiny Chapter 6

The Curious and the Shiny 6 - The Island Arc: Dendemille’s Riders
Once Delphox said his goodbyes as his trainer came to pick him up, the excitement of the party dwindled from there and everyone agreed to call it a night. Shine in particular let out a long yawn that echoed in the room. When he stretched, he felt the ache of his body that lingered from his fight with Curio.
Save for himself and Curio, the rest of the group said goodnight and went upstairs to the upper floor of the bar where they had a room. They stayed in the Pokéroom with the lights off and went to rest on the pile of cushions, talking very little. Eventually, they stopped talking altogether and nuzzled close to each other, feeling each other’s warmth as they were on the verge of sleep. Shine reflected on the past few days, viewing each event through a blurry lens. How he got to where he was at that moment in Curio’s embrace and the little details s
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Digital Portrait Painting Process and Tutorial by StarlightCrux Digital Portrait Painting Process and Tutorial :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 5 0 Reddit Gets Drawn 28 - kesos23 by StarlightCrux Reddit Gets Drawn 28 - kesos23 :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 8 0 Reddit Gets Drawn 29 - w00fy by StarlightCrux Reddit Gets Drawn 29 - w00fy :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 8 0


SGDQ2018 - Spyro the Dragon by knight-mj SGDQ2018 - Spyro the Dragon :iconknight-mj:knight-mj 44 2 Wrench Boi by LucarioOcarina Wrench Boi :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 74 15 Orange Buffalo is Unimpressed by LucarioOcarina Orange Buffalo is Unimpressed :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 26 6 NO by huanGH64 NO :iconhuangh64:huanGH64 179 5 Pratchett doodles-Wyrd Sisters by yenefer Pratchett doodles-Wyrd Sisters :iconyenefer:yenefer 109 33 Nanny Ogg by Erika-Xero Nanny Ogg :iconerika-xero:Erika-Xero 13 0 Discworld Rainbow by yenefer Discworld Rainbow :iconyenefer:yenefer 365 59 Nanny Ogg by Morthern Nanny Ogg :iconmorthern:Morthern 13 2 Witches relax by i-am-mighty Witches relax :iconi-am-mighty:i-am-mighty 28 11 Discworld witches by ValeraPosmitniy Discworld witches :iconvaleraposmitniy:ValeraPosmitniy 99 39 nanny by olga-kreuzfahrer nanny :iconolga-kreuzfahrer:olga-kreuzfahrer 26 4 GND-Snapshot: Wyrd feeling by Pika-la-Cynique GND-Snapshot: Wyrd feeling :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 466 101 Esme and Gytha by yenefer Esme and Gytha :iconyenefer:yenefer 104 25 Nanny Ogg vs. The Death of Rats by Alda-Rana Nanny Ogg vs. The Death of Rats :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 29 6 Oggs just wanna have fun by mjOboe Oggs just wanna have fun :iconmjoboe:mjOboe 68 15 Granny, Nanny, and Tiffany by infiniteviking Granny, Nanny, and Tiffany :iconinfiniteviking:infiniteviking 33 2


Wrench Boi by LucarioOcarina Wrench Boi :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 74 15 Los Lucarios no saben leer by CrisVF Los Lucarios no saben leer :iconcrisvf:CrisVF 20 0 Sonic and Lucario by Sonicth62 Sonic and Lucario :iconsonicth62:Sonicth62 130 47 Poke Crush- LucaraixenShipping V.2 by EKJr Poke Crush- LucaraixenShipping V.2 :iconekjr:EKJr 15 6 Gift - Mewcario by Aer0Hail Gift - Mewcario :iconaer0hail:Aer0Hail 200 34 Daxton Mega Evolving by LucarioOcarina Daxton Mega Evolving :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 115 27 Lucario by fridgenstuffs Lucario :iconfridgenstuffs:fridgenstuffs 18 0 Lucario - Smash Bros Ultimate by LucarioOcarina Lucario - Smash Bros Ultimate :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 270 47 Lucario by Goretufy Lucario :icongoretufy:Goretufy 6 0 Riokaru by HappyCrumble Riokaru :iconhappycrumble:HappyCrumble 84 3 Head Angle - Lucario by NievesCv Head Angle - Lucario :iconnievescv:NievesCv 41 24 Lucario thing (pls critique) by SushPuppy Lucario thing (pls critique) :iconsushpuppy:SushPuppy 64 6 Ocean Waves by KaizerLagann1987 Ocean Waves :iconkaizerlagann1987:KaizerLagann1987 22 5 aRENT LUCAriOS PAWS aDORable? by burgg aRENT LUCAriOS PAWS aDORable? :iconburgg:burgg 7 1 Lucid Dream by KaizerLagann1987 Lucid Dream :iconkaizerlagann1987:KaizerLagann1987 42 16 Lucario - CalArts Style by LucarioOcarina Lucario - CalArts Style :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 74 20


I always appreciate it when artists try to take a crack at ambitious scenes like this because they are really hard to pull off and you ...

ProjectComment Hidey ho, SC here! So in general, I like the character and the attention to detail you’ve put in certain parts, like the...



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Neckbeard extraordinaire, dilettante artist, fanfic writer, Moomin enthusiast.

Here's are a few links that are mostly just reposts of art and fanfiction here, and for sketches and shitposts:……
So I've been tagged by HolyMolyCrowley, and holy moly, thanks for curing my boredom! If you don't know their art, check them out, as they have some wonderful linework in their gallery!

1.Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2.Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
3.Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
4.Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
5.It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
6.Tag backs are allowed.
7.If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you.


1. What is your favorite cartoon and or favorite character in a fiction?
Favourite cartoon: Avatar: The Last Airbender. Wow, such an original choice! But yeah, even after years of watching it, my opinion still stands that it's one of the greatest cartoons of all time, for the enjoyable characters, engrossing story and an expansive fantasy world not seen in a lot of cartoons before it. 
Favourite character: There are a lot of characters I like, but my most recent favourite is Moist Von Lipwig from Discworld, particularly Going Postal. I generally like characters that are a bit morally ambiguous, but I found him charming in particular because of how skilled he is as a con artist, how much he owns that persona, as well as his character development throughout the book. He's just a really interesting character to read about.

2. Do you prefer traditional or digital animation?
Traditional is always better as it allow for more creativity, but with the time it takes to produce something like that, frame by frame, it's not feasible, so I'm fine with digital animation.

3. To be or not to be?
To answer this question or not to answer this question?

4. What is your version of heaven and hell?
Eh. If I had to live for eternity in the afterlife, either one would suck.

5. What will happen to your art, when you don't not live anymore?
It'll probably disappear in the microcosm of the internet. I've got no backups so a lot of it I haven't uploaded will simply disappear if my laptop dies for whatever reason.

6. Favorite dinosaur or megafauna?

7. Your favorite time period?
Current time period. Yes, everything is getting worse, but every decade has its problems and we take a lot for granted today.

8. Your favorite dish?
Spaghetti carbonara.

9. Have you ever fallen down a set or two of stairs or escalators?

10. Who or what do you pray to when things become fickle?
To the empty void in space.

11. What do you like to do when no one is looking?
Kick my shoes off and roam barefoot.

12. What celebrity or role model would you like to meet face to face?
Brandon Sanderson. I would like to pick his brain on a lot of writerly things.

13. Are video games a sport?
My definition of a sport is something that involves physical activity, so it's as much as a sport as chess is a sport.


1. What is your favourite book?

2. Do you do any sort of physical exercises (e.g. sports, cardio)?

3. What do you currently work as, and do you like it or at least find it tolerable?

4. How much time do you find for your hobbies outside of work/other obligations?

5. What are your regrets?

6. How do you view this current era of music?

7. Which countries have you travelled to?

8. Do you play any instruments, and or know much about music theory?

9. What's your favourite instrument to listen to?

10. Do you keep up with the news, and if so, on which mediums (e.g. newspaper, TV, web)?

11. What's your favourite season?

12. How's the weather where you are?

13. Aren't Lucario's Paws Adorable?


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Hello dear readers. I hope you've enjoyed The Curious and the Shiny so far through its initial 8 chapters and I hope you'll continue reading through its later chapters when they come out as well. Now I've completed the first batch of chapters, I wanted to announce my plans for the future, how the story will be scheduled, and more. For the sake of keeping this clear and tidy, I'll split these into their own categories.

Now I've concluded my studies for the spring semester, I'll be heading back to England in the beginning of June, and throughout the summer holidays I want to get a part time job/volunteer role in order to build my CV, as well as prepare for the next year of Uni, which means I'll have to find a place to stay before the next semester starts. These two things will both be time consuming, but it's something I have to do since I need to be able to live close to campus and I need to update my zombie resume. 

Although I fully intend on writing new chapters over the summer, getting the two above done is my top priority. Not only that, before I go ahead with actually writing the first drafts, I need to do a detailed outline of each chapter in the next few arcs, which I'll talk about in the next category.

Now, what are these arcs, I hear you cry? Well, this series is split into several different arcs which each feature an overarching narrative and a main goal for the characters to complete. In the index below, I'll link to all of the chapters I've released before and give a brief synopsis of each arc. I'll give certain arcs question marks to avoid spoilers.

Chapter Index:

The Chase Arc:
Summary: After being separated for five years during their escape from the experimental facility GeL, Shine (Luxray) receives a clue hinting to Curio's (Lucario) whereabouts and sets off to Dendemille Town to find her.

1. Dendemille's Daredevil.
2. Dendemille's Pests.
3. Dendemille's Dealer.
4. Dendemille's Mosher.
5. Dendemille's Brawlers. 

The Island Arc:
Summary: Shine heads back with Curio to Ambrette, and as the two attempt to repair their friendship and start their teachings in Adele's dragon ranch, Curio begins to tell the story of her life as a Riolu before she was transported to the mysterious GeL facility.

6. Dendemille's Riders
7. Ambrette's Teachers
8. Ambrette's Subjects
9. The Girl With The Sun In Her Head [link]
10. Human Behaviour [link]
11. On and Ever Onward [link]
12. Ocean Man. [link]
13. Hello Goodbye. [link]

The Limbo Arc:
Summary: Curio recounts the next four years of her life spent in GeL, a facility built with the intent of educating Pokemon in an unorthodox fashion, spearheaded by the enigmatic founder Cartwright, and the events leading to its eventual downfall and takeover.

14. Ambrette's Climbers

The Redacted Arc:
Summary: ???

Perhaps I should take the time to explain the process of writing the first eight chapters, which I hope you'll find helpful and put into context the steps I need to take to prepare for the next batch of chapters.

I haven't been the most prolific with my work, as it started with 5 chapters I wrote from the course of November to February, taking breaks in between each chapter, which totals to about 30k words. That might seem like a lot but there are those who have more consistent schedules and are able to write twice as much in one or two months. Keep in mind, these were only the first drafts. After I got feedback from beta readers and got around to the editing process, at first, I had to redo a lot of scenes, particularly the scene at the beginning with Shine and Tony and the ending, as I didn't know how to end those scenes initially. The rewriting of the first chapter went smoothly as I reused a lot of material from my first draft, but after that, one minor character change to Leafeon (she was a lot more aggressive in the first draft) led to Shine finding out more information about the Thousand Claws before his encounter with them. As a result, I had to rewrite half of chapter 2 and even write an entirely new chapter after that which expands more on the setting and presents more conflict to Shine's search for Curio.

In total, it took me 2 months to rewrite and release each chapter, from the start of April to mid May. When you combine that with the editing process and the time it took me to write the first drafts (not including outlining), it took me nearly 7 months to write 8 chapters. 

Now, I don't want to quit writing this fanfiction any time soon, but looking at all I've done so far in retrospect, it took me way longer than needed to get these chapters out. Sure, I had to balance my uni work and my personal life as well, and I often switched to doing art when writing didn't work out for me, but at the rate the fanfiction is going at the moment, I can't predict how much more time I'll take getting future chapters out.

Lessons Learned:
That being said, I'm still growing as a writer, and doing this fanfiction project has taught me a lot of things such as how to write fight scenes, how to develop characters and story over time, how to balance the main story with different subplots, etc. Although my schedule at the moment is erratic, I expect my sense of discipline will improve over time, which will come with mileage. One way I plan to do this is by setting a goal of writing at least 1,000 words daily, but time will tell if I stick with that. Since NaNoWriMo is coming up in a few months, I thought this would be a good opportunity to write a massive chunk of my story since the goal is 50k words in one month. Although it would be challenging, I believe it would benefit my time managing skills as a writer in the long run, especially if my livelihood depends on it.

I want to take the time to thank you all for your support. Each comment in and out of DeviantArt has helped me realise what my strengths and weaknesses are in my story and has given me the confidence to continue with my vision. I particularly want to shout out twinkleweirdjewelswirlix and WanderingKalosan for their continued support and sticking with the story throughout its course.

If you have any questions about the state of this fanfic or anything else that's on your mind, please comment below. Again, thank you.
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Since I have CORE now, I've changed all the existing chapters of The Curious and the Shiny so that you're allowed to critique them.
Just sharing one of my favourite poems (out of the little I've personally sought out)

Check out the Spotify playlist I've made for Curio and Shine, with a focus on friendship and other themes of the two characters!…
I'm thinking of doing a short story to cool off a little from The Curious and the Shiny, and this time, it's a murder mystery.

Summary: Damo the Delphox wants nothing more than to serve his master and their bathhouse, but when a dead body is discovered in the hot springs, he is unwillingly thrown into a situation where he has to prove the murderer's identity while getting past the language barrier.


Stoking the Fire by StarlightCrux
Here's a travel blog I did on my experiences in Helsinki, Stockholm and Mariehamn!…
Having to stay in the airport on a stopover flight sucks, but at least I get to sleep in one of those pods from Alien over the night
How many people would be interested in participating in an art contest for my fanfiction The Curious and The Shiny? If there's enough, I'll release a journal with more details about the project.
I've just finished The Wise Man's Fear and I really don't know what to think of it.


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