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Curio (Lucario) Sketches 3 by StarlightCrux Curio (Lucario) Sketches 3 :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 1 0 Reddit Gets Drawn 12 - spookdoozy by StarlightCrux Reddit Gets Drawn 12 - spookdoozy :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 18 1 Reddit Gets Drawn 11 - Rinnyper by StarlightCrux Reddit Gets Drawn 11 - Rinnyper :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 8 0
The Curious and the Shiny Chapter 3
The Curious and the Shiny Chapter 3. Dendemille’s Dealer
When Shine came out, the sky turned a dusky blue with streetlights illuminating the paths before him. Aware of the dangers lurking in the shadows, he turned his golden vision on, making the outlines of the buildings a milky white and everything else transparent. Almost everyone and their Pokémon were confined in the buildings, settling down for the day. All except a few Pokémon that looked particularly feline, scattered in various alleys and little hideouts further away from the town centre.
Shine took a deep breath, going through everything in his head that had already been ruled out about Curio’s whereabouts. The square was worth another check, but after that, it was safe to assume she wouldn’t be lurking there during the night. The windmill was out, as she likely had no reason to return there again. Everything else inside the town was out, as Shine asked around for hours with little to no results. E
:iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 4 0
Spyro Sketches by StarlightCrux Spyro Sketches :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 10 1
The Curious and the Shiny: Chapter 2
The Curious and The Shiny Chapter 2. Dendemille’s Pests
The first thing Shine did when Accendare landed was topple over to the ground and throw up. His head swam, his face felt like it was melting, and his whole body generally felt unpleasant. At that time, he didn’t want to think about Curio, about Tony back home, about Bauble or anybody else. He didn’t even want to think about himself. He locked himself up in his little bubble, only burst by the presence of Accendare and Adele beside him.
“Oh dear,” Accendare exclaimed. “Are you alright there? I wasn’t that bad, was I?”
Shine didn’t answer.
“Man, the trip really took the wind out of your sails, huh?” Adele said. “Hold on, I might be able to help you.”
Shine’s mouth was filled with a bitter tang as he ingested some sort of liquid. He didn’t know what it was, but after a moment, coherent thoughts started to form again, and after that, he felt the
:iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 5 1
The Curious and the Shiny by StarlightCrux The Curious and the Shiny :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 36 7
The Curious and The Shiny: Chapter 1
The Chase Arc: Dendemille's Daredevil
On their computer screen, Shine’s trainer Tony browsed through a folder of archived photos, footage and interviews from their documentary in the making. One clip featured a gathering of Pokémon playing in what appeared to be a garden. Another focused on one Kadabra in a small cabin, reading through a multitude of levitating books in a matter of minutes. Another was just pure grey as smoke covered the camera. When he saw that, Shine’s eye widened.
“Can you play that from the beginning?” Shine said in human tongue, his voice as certain and clear as a gentleman’s.
Tony clicked the backwards button, which resumed at the start of the fight. The two Pokémon were in a featureless room, facing each other in a battle stance as a security camera watched from above. As Shine remembered, off-screen, there was an audience of staff members taking notes from behind a pane of glass in another room.
The Rapidash started gallo
:iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 10 14
Fox Sketchdump by StarlightCrux Fox Sketchdump :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 12 5 Curio (Lucario) is conflicted. by StarlightCrux Curio (Lucario) is conflicted. :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 7 0 Sketches of Buff Dudes (January 2018) by StarlightCrux Sketches of Buff Dudes (January 2018) :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 5 0 Virtual Plein Air Dump (July to October 2017) by StarlightCrux Virtual Plein Air Dump (July to October 2017) :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 4 0 Adele Deschamps (Human) by StarlightCrux Adele Deschamps (Human) :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 3 0 ID (2018) by StarlightCrux ID (2018) :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 19 15 Self Portrait Preliminary Sketch by StarlightCrux Self Portrait Preliminary Sketch :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 4 0 Why the long face? by StarlightCrux Why the long face? :iconstarlightcrux:StarlightCrux 6 1


Regular Show Back to the Future by VernonDraws Regular Show Back to the Future :iconvernondraws:VernonDraws 7 3 650ebdf4-4025-42b7-aec7-50affc9b9472 by JakiraJurosawa 650ebdf4-4025-42b7-aec7-50affc9b9472 :iconjakirajurosawa:JakiraJurosawa 2 0 Real airies by Uvodd-AF Real airies :iconuvodd-af:Uvodd-AF 16 6 Dungeons and Trashcans by Bear-hybrid Dungeons and Trashcans :iconbear-hybrid:Bear-hybrid 130 15 Omelette bot by TheGreyNinja Omelette bot :iconthegreyninja:TheGreyNinja 11 1 Birb by CoffeeSnake Birb :iconcoffeesnake:CoffeeSnake 15 3 design! by dexikon design! :icondexikon:dexikon 61 3 982 by mandaIa 982 :iconmandaia:mandaIa 115 2 Smaug by CorinneRoberts Smaug :iconcorinneroberts:CorinneRoberts 157 14 THE BOYS ARE BACK by MediocreSon THE BOYS ARE BACK :iconmediocreson:MediocreSon 25 1 547 Foxonabike by ObeyMyBrain 547 Foxonabike :iconobeymybrain:ObeyMyBrain 4 0 553 Zombie Biscuit by ObeyMyBrain 553 Zombie Biscuit :iconobeymybrain:ObeyMyBrain 2 0 554 Greenskee by ObeyMyBrain 554 Greenskee :iconobeymybrain:ObeyMyBrain 5 0 She's a peach, bob... by combvst She's a peach, bob... :iconcombvst:combvst 3 0 scones by elliotmiller scones :iconelliotmiller:elliotmiller 9 0 PRACTICE #1: CARIARSE | Final GIF by JupiterGrace PRACTICE #1: CARIARSE | Final GIF :iconjupitergrace:JupiterGrace 16 4


I always appreciate it when artists try to take a crack at ambitious scenes like this because they are really hard to pull off and you ...

ProjectComment Hidey ho, SC here! So in general, I like the character and the attention to detail you’ve put in certain parts, like the...

by koriaa

Hello. I saw your post on the forums and I thought I'd give a little critique on this. To get the positives out of the way, its simplic...



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Neckbeard extraordinaire, dilettante artist, fanfic writer, Moomin enthusiast.

Here's are a few links that are mostly just reposts of art and fanfiction here, and for sketches and shitposts:……


Curio (Lucario) Sketches 3
A few sketches I did on the side. I think I like drawing her too much, I should probably draw more of her with Shine at some point.
Just listened to a few of this guy's songs (Romeo and Juliet and Peach Scone) and I really can't decide whether I like him or not. On the one hand, I find his music style unique and interesting, but on the other hand, I can't stand some of his lyrics, especially on Peach Scone which is dripping with the 'nice guy' mentality. Plus, his voice can be really grating at times which makes it worse.

Other people either really seem to love him or utterly despise him, so I thought it would be an interesting thread topic. What do you think of this guy's music and his persona?
Reddit Gets Drawn 11 - Rinnyper
Yup, I'm doing this again. I'll actually be doing a series of RGD paintings this month since I need to gather enough ECTs to pass the semester, and I found a way to do it by doing 81+ hours worth of digital art. The Curious and the Shiny will still continue, but I need to take another week to do Chapter 5, so, sorry about the schedule slip.

Time taken: 4 hours 30 minutes.

Original thread and photo reference here:…
Will be working on a series of Reddit Get's Drawn pics over the next few weeks for a class project. The Curious and the Shiny will still go on, but unfortunately, I expect there will be a week delay on Chapter 5 since I need to rewrite the fight scene, which will take a lot of thought and consideration.


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